My GSOC Journey #3: The Great Rework

The problem

The solution

  • It directly leads to multiple profiles, since the user can choose which struct to pass into the pathfinding functions.
  • It is scalable to other types of pathfinding algorithms and other spaces without polluting any of the core code, since all that is required is defining new methods and/or structs

Pretty pictures

Rabbits are brown circles, Foxes are yellow squares, and Hawks are blue triangles
The agents follow the same colour scheme. It’s a bit fast, but much prettier, don’t you think?

Devil’s Advocate

Continuous complexities

best = to .- from
for offset in Iterators.product([-1:1 for _ in 1:D]...)
dir = to .+ offset .* size(space) .- from
if sum(dir .^ 2) < sum(best .^ 2)
best = dir

Prettier pictures

All animals are spheres now, which is anecdotally appropriate

In conclusion

Stay tuned!




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Aayush Sabharwal

Aayush Sabharwal

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